Renata Montenegro

"What I wanted was to find a career that gave me satisfaction and made me happy. Ubiqum made that possible."

Renata Montenegro

"What I wanted was to find a career that gave me satisfaction and made me happy. Ubiqum made that possible."

Congratulations on your new job! Where are you working?

Thanks! I’m working for a user experience testing and research platform and I’m testing that all the code works well.

What were you doing before signing up for our course?

I was working in an auditing consultancy where the work was pretty monotonous. Now, when I get up to go to work, I don’t feel depressed, instead, I feel happy. This is essentially what I wanted; to find a career that gave me satisfaction, that I’d want to get up for every day. Ubiqum made that possible.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

Programming was always something that appealed. When I worked in a marketing agency the programmers were the entrepreneurs, they were the ones who were doing all the cool, interesting work. One day I thought, Why not give it a go and see if you like it?

What was your main concern before starting?

I was scared about starting something new and I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. But I don’t regret it at all.

Why did Ubiqum stand out as the best choice?

The other courses I looked at were much too short for me. I didn’t think it’d be possible to learn enough in three months and go on to get a job as a developer afterwards. I was drawn to Ubiqum because of the length of the course and for the fact that you don’t need any prior programming knowledge or experience; it’s for absolute beginners, like I was.

Do you think our Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

Yes. You realise that the only way to learn is by doing it yourself and this is how you create a really solid knowledge base. At Ubiqum, you see that the best way to broaden your knowledge is by putting into practice all that you learn.
In my new job, what we do is exactly like how we worked at Ubiqum. We have a stand up meeting every day per group where we discuss our progress and blockers. Sometimes it’s quite surreal how similar it is to the Ubiqum Java Developer program and I think that working like this from day one on the course really helped me to feel confident and prepared in my new job.

How helpful did you find the Career Placement service?

I received many interview invitations, which came as a result of the Career Placement team sending out my CV to companies.

Anything else you'd like to add?

The environment was great. I was lucky to be a part of a big group of social people and we all got on really well. We used to say how it would be great to find a company with the same kind of culture as Ubiqum and that’s exactly what’s happened. Where I work now is very flexible and there’s a really good atmosphere. There’s free fruit, Friday lunches, and other little touches that make all the difference to your daily working life.

Would you recommend Ubiqum? Why?

Yes, I definitely would. I already am!

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