New Pricing Terms & Conditions

New Prices


The prices for our programs are being updated. This applies to all our full-time immersive programs: “Full Stack Java Development”, “Front End Development”  and “Data Analytics & Machine Learning”. The new prices are as follows:


· Barcelona / Madrid: 7.900 €

· Berlin: 8.900 €

· Amsterdam: 9.900 €


Payment Options


We are also updating our payment options to give our students different alternatives to fund their training for a new professional career.


Standard Payment Conditions


This payment is available given that a set of conditions are met by the candidate. These conditions can be read here.  If the candidate meets the requirements then the payment structure will be as follows:


· An upfront payment of 2.000 € when you sign up for the course

· A monthly fee (varies per city) until the end of the course

· A final payment is to be made once the student is hired, (see Job Hire conditions below *). This method is proof of Ubiqum’s employment commitment to the student.


The payment plans per city are as follows:


  • Barcelona / Madrid:


· Upfront: 2.000 €

· Monthly fee during the program: 400 €

· Final payment upon job hire: 3.900€ (*)


  • Berlin


· Upfront: 2.000 €

· Monthly fee during the program: 500 €

· Final payment upon job hire: 4.400 € (*)


  • Amsterdam


· Upfront: 2.000 €

· Monthly fee during the program: 600 €

· Final payment upon job hire: 4.900 € (*)


(*) Job Hire Conditions: The final payment should be paid once the student finds a job, however, this is subject to a period of two months from the end date of the course, so even if you have not found a job at this point, you will be required to pay back any outstanding fees. Since our Job Placement rate is very high after completing the course, we allow students a period of two months in order to make the final payment in a comfortable way. This payment could be made as one single down payment for the total amount or in installments (6 or 10) with an additional  6% interest rate charge. These options will be reflected in the contract.


Offered Discounts


50/50 Payment (5% discount)


This payment option awards the candidate with a 5% discount off the overall tuition fees. Candidates entitled to this discount must meet the requirements found here.


  • Barcelona / Madrid:


· Upfront payment: 3.750 €

· Final payment on job hire: 3.750 € (see job hire conditions *)


  • Berlin


· Upfront payment: 4.275 €

· Final payment on job hire: 4.275 €


  • Amsterdam


· Upfront payment: 4.750 €

· Final payment on job hire: 4.750 €


Upfront Payment (10 % discount)


An upfront payment of the entire tuition fees. This payment option will award the candidate with a 10% discount off the overall tuition fees.


· Barcelona / Madrid → 7.110 €

· Berlin → 8.100 €

· Amsterdam → 9.000 €


Special Conditions


We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to change their careers and get into technology. For this reason, we encourage anyone who does not see the above payment options as feasible to contact us to discuss our special conditions payment plans:


· Upfront payment of 2.000€

· The payment of the remaining standard tuition fees should be made upon job hire, plus 10% of the student’s gross salary in their first year of employment. This amount can be paid in 24 instalments with an interest rate of 6%.


When will the new prices be applicable?


The new pricing and payment options will be implemented as of the 1st of  August of 2018. The existing pricing will be applicable until the 31st of August at 00:00. All those who are in the process of signing up to one of Ubiqum Code Academy’s courses and has not formalised any agreement (by making the 400€ deposit) before the 31st of August of 2018, will be subject to the new conditions outlined above.