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Java Web Developer Bootcamp - Amsterdam

In 5 intensive months, we train absolute beginners into Web Developers

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Learning by Doing

Build your portfolio. You will learn by practicing on real projects from 9-18h.

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Career Support

We help you navigate the jobs market. CV check up to 1:1 consultation.

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50-50 Commitment

Pay half up front and half when you find a job! *Read on for details

Course Intro

Transform your professional career this immersive full time course, aimed at absolute beginners, you will learn to code both the front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js) and the back-end (JS, Java). We guarantee you will leave at a fully employable level.


We are proud of our student outcomes, with 98% of our students finding work in their chosen field within 45 days of finishing the program. Check out Switch-Up for independent reviews.


Contact Ubiqum Team:

Amsterdam Admissions Manager: Mark Thackwell


Meet us: Schedule a video call


Course Highlights:

– 8 hours / day, 5 months (800 hours)

  • – Develop a portfolio of individual projects

– Max 12 students per class

– Career support

– Mentoring

– Designed and maintained by Computer Science experts from Northwestern University and has been taught in the University Carnegie Mellon, USA.


Course Dates:

1 May – 21 Sep 2018 Sold out!
11 Jun – 13 Nov 2018
16 July – 18 Dec 2018

*Cohorts starting every 1-2 months



B. Amsterdam John M Keynesplein 12-46, 1066 VH Amsterdam

40,000m2 modern office space in central Amsterdam



The full cost of the Tuition is 8.000€

6.000€ (25% launch offer. Only when paid upfront

Note that Ubiqum’s program is equivalent to 800hours work. Our bootcamp is 2x longer than most equivalent bootcamps and at the same price.


Payment Options: 

i).  Upfront (Save 25%)

ii). In Instalments

iii). Pay 50% upfront, and 50% when you get hired.


Employment Commitment:

A payment plan in the form of 50% (4.000€) of the course fees are paid upfront, before the start of the course and we will help you, with the remaining 50% (4.000€), giving you time to get a job​ ​in order to pay us comfortably. This commitment allows students to split their tuition before and after their new career. In order to check your eligibility go to Our FAQ Page or talk directly with our team.


Those candidates who do not meet the criteria, but who are highly motivated to take our program and start a career in the tech field, are encouraged to still apply to Ubiqum. Please get in touch with our team at


98% of our students find a developer job within 45 days of finishing the course.

A day in Ubiqum
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Stand up

Start the morning with a recap of what you did the previous day, what you got stuck with and how you eventually resolved issues. This is a chance to encourage and motivate each other for the day ahead!

Work and Learning

Students will get a clearly structured brief, plan of attack and list of resources to assist them as they begin their tasks. You will have staff and review team mentors to check your code and answer your questions and doubts.

Lunch Time

Our students often bring food in, and use the onsite facilities to warm stuff up, but there´s a host of restaurants also nearby!

Pair Programming
Around this time, it ́s great for the students to start sharing their ideas and work together in pairs, just as they would in a real work situation. Mentors are on hand to give assistance.


Time to pack up and share a beer with colleagues. Check out the Meet-up scene for networking opportunities!

The course by weeks
Your First WebsiteFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 1-2

We kick off putting together your first website using HTML, CSS & Javascript. You get the brief, plan of attack and resources. The design is up to you!

Getting MobileFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 3-8

It’s essential you learn how to make websites work for all devices. In this module you will learn Bootstrap and other frameworks to make your designs sing utilizing more Javascript.

Mobile GameFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 9-20

Build a mobile friendly web application, including a back-end game server to manage the games, scoring, and player profiles. Use Java and Spring Boot Framework.

The most direct, fast and efficient way to become a Programmer

"To make a career you have to invest four years. They teach you a lot of things, and a lot of very little practice, but if someone is clear that they want to be a programmer, this is a much faster, more direct and effective way."

Montse Coriba
Ubiqum Code Academy Alumni
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