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"Girls for Coding" Scholarship

Page Personnel and Ubiqum Code Academy offer 10 scholarships in 2018 for the Java Web & Mobile Developer Course with excellent conditions

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Learning by Doing

No more boring lectures. You will learn by practicing on real projects from 9-17h.

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Career Support

Professional support from a company recognized as Page Personnel

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Our Guarantee

You only pay when you find work and 25% discount
*more information about the conditions of the Scholarship.

"Girls for Coding" Scholarship

Page Personnel, a world leader in talent management and recruiting and the Ubiqum Code Academy, offer 10 technological scholarships for highly qualified employment.


This course is designed to train women with no previous programming experience in 800 hours spread over 5 months and turn them into a Junior Full Stack Developer for use in any development project.  If you don’t know anything about programming and are motivated to work hard for 20 weeks and start a new career, this is your course.


If you already have some programming skills you can also access the course, perhaps validating some modules, and you will learn in an orderly and systematic way the current techniques of application development.


Upcoming courses:


12 March 2018
16 April 2018
14 May 2018
11 June 2018
16 July 2018
10 September 2018
15 October 2018
12 November 2018


Who can access the Girls for Coding Scholarship?


Women between 22 and 30 years old, of Spanish nationality or with a work permit in the EU, with a college degree in Sciences or Engineering and with a medium/high level of English.


Conditions of the offer:


Access to the 800-hour Java web and mobile developer course at Ubiqum Code Academy with a 25% discount. No advance payment. You pay 100% when you start working. Possibility of financing 100% of the course payment once you have an employment contract.


Admission and selection process:


People who wish to access this opportunity must follow the procedure below:


1.- Fill in the Contact Form on this page. Our admissions team will contact you to introduce themselves and ask for your CV and a Cover letter explaining why you should be granted the Scholarship.


2.- Ubiqum Code Academy and Page Personnel, will select the best CVs and people will be called for an interview and aptitude tests in Page Personnel.


3.- 10 candidates will be selected during 2018 to benefit from the “Girls for Coding” Scholarship.


Employment guarantee:


Ubiqum Code Academy is committed to helping and supporting the student in obtaining a junior developer job, with an estimated gross annual salary of between €20,000 and €24,000 per year.


Ubiqum Code Academy guarantees a solid and long-lasting apprenticeship with total job transfer, risking 100% of the cost of tuition to achieve this job.


Students can expect a lot of career support from us. So far, they have started careers at companies like GFT, Immfly, Netquest, Social You and more.

A day in Ubiqum
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Stand up

Start the morning with a recap of what you did the previous day, what you got stuck with and how you eventually resolved issues. This is a chance to encourage and motivate each other for the day ahead!

Work and Learning

Students will get a clearly structured brief, plan of attack and list of resources to assist them as they begin their tasks. You will have staff and review team mentors to check your code and answer your questions and doubts.

Lunch Time

Our students often bring food in, and use the onsite facilities to warm stuff up, but there´s a host of restaurants also nearby!

Around this time, it ́s great for the students to start sharing their ideas and work together, just as they would in a real work situation. Mentors are on hand to give assistance.


Check out for what’s up in Barcelona for the most relevant events and talks. This time also may be used for a professional talk from our career councillors.

The course by weeks
Your First WebsiteFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 1-2

We kick off putting together your first website using HTML, CSS & Javascript. You get the brief, plan of attack and resources. The design is up to you!

Getting MobileFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 3-8

It’s essential you learn how to make websites work for all devices. In this module you will use Bootstrap and other frameworks to make your designs sing.

Mobile GameFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 9-16

Build a mobile friendly web application (Battleships!), including a back-end game server to manage the games, scoring, and player profiles. Use Java and the Spring Boot Framework.

The most direct, fast and efficient way to become a Programmer

"To make a career you have to invest four years. They teach you a lot of things, and a lot of very little practice, but if someone is clear that they want to be a programmer, this is a much faster, more direct and effective way."

Montse Coriba
Ubiqum Code Academy Alumni
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