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Front-End “MERN” Stack Web Developer Program

In 500 hours of immersive learning, we train absolute beginners into web developers in front-end and “MERN" Stack.

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Learning by Doing

No more traditional lectures. Our programs are designed with students at the center, working together on real projects.

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Start Coding

Start your Coding Career by with a solid foundation in the core skills, tools and frameworks, then the sky’s the limit!

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3 months Program

Become a Web Developer in 3 months or 500 hours of real work on projects.

Program Description

Designed for students with absolutely no prior programming knowledge, you will learn to code and become a Front-End “MERN Stack” Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue, and Bootstrap to name a few), and “MERN Stack” (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js). This program is aimed at anyone that wants to get their coding career started.


What does a “Front-End Developer” do?


A Front-End Developer is a computer programmer who codes the visual front-end elements of a software application or website. He or she creates the elements of a digital product that end users interact with, so are experts not only in front-end coding language like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but in some basic practices of user experience, visual design, and accessibility.


What is “MERN Stack”?

“MERN” is an acronym for four tools: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. These four tools when integrated together as a stack architecture, allow you to perform certain back-end functions without having to learn a whole new back-end language. While traditional back-end languages like Java remain very popular both with developers and companies, “MERN Stack” is growing in popularity and is a vital addition to the coder’s toolset.


Course Start Dates


15 October 2018
12 November 2018


Payment Options


Tuition is 5.500€. May be paid in Standard payment or Upfront:


Standard Payment:


– Upfront payment of 2.000€

– 3 monthly installments of 300€ while enrolled in the program

– Final payment of 2.600€ on Job Hire(*)


Upfront Payment Option:


Upfront payment of 5.000€ – (10% Discount)


Contact our Career Advisors


Email Us:

Call Us: +34 931 066 929

Meet Us:  Schedule a Call

Visit Us: Luxa C/Tánger-Badajoz, 08018 Barcelona


Students can expect a lot of career support from us. So far, they have started careers at companies like GFT, Immfly, Netquest, Social You and more.

What you will do in Ubiqum
53E81786-9892-46CB-A92D-1622D2B41560Stand Up 53E81786-9892-46CB-A92D-1622D2B41560Work and Learn 53E81786-9892-46CB-A92D-1622D2B41560Teamwork 53E81786-9892-46CB-A92D-1622D2B41560Socialize

Start the afternoon with a recap of what you did the previous day, what you got stuck with and how you eventually resolved issues. This is a chance to encourage and motivate each other for the afternoon ahead!

Students will get a clearly structured brief, plan of attack and list of resources to assist them as they begin their tasks. You will have the mentors review your work and code in order to answer your questions and doubts.

It is always a good time to start sharing your ideas and working with your colleagues, just as you would in a real development team. Mentors are at your disposal to help you!

Coding is tough. Chillout over a game of Table Football or attend one of the interesting lectures around the city or in Ubiqum. Our team works hard to ensure you have an immersive experience as a junior developer in training.

The Program by weeks
HTML / CSSFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 1-2

We kick off putting together your first website using HTML and CSS. You get the brief, plan of attack and resources. The design is up to you!


Weeks 3-7

Javascript is at the heart of this module. You will learn all you need to know to be able to write good quality code. In this module you will also use Bootstrap, Firebase, Vue and AJAX.

"MERN" StackFE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Weeks 8-12

In the last part of the program you will build an “MVP” of a mobile app that enables user logins and other services using a “MERN Stack’ back-end. You will test your MVP, gather user feedback and prioritize new features to build next.

Xavi was unemployed, now he works at GFT

"If you're a proactive type of person and you've got the motivation to do better, this is a great code academy, as you will learn a lot!"

Front End Developer Course - July 2016
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