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Developing Job Ready Professionals

Ubiqum offers 5 month intensive programs for anyone to become a Java Developer or a Data Analyst

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Learning by Doing

No more boring lectures. You will learn by practicing on real projects from 9-17h.

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Career Support

Professional support from our Job Placement Team

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Our Guarantee

You pay half up front and half when you find a job! *Read on for details

Our Courses

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Ubiqum’s Career Advisors:

Nadia García, Víctor Gili & Shmulik Goldfien

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Call Us: +34 931 066 929

Visit Us: Carrer Bruc 149, Exiample, Barcelona

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Ubiqum’s 5 month intensive bootcamps helps students go from 0-100% employability in the workplace. They offer Full Stack Java & Data Analytics with Big Data. Ubiqum is one of the few Code Schools that offers an employment commitment, worth 50% of your course value.


Java Full Stack Developer Course


This program is perfect for absolute beginners in programming. It was designed by experts in software development and will teach you to develop a modern web application ( front and back ends ) using Java and agile methodologies.


Data Analytics & Big Data


Train yourself in the skills needed to analyze large amounts of data automatically and find patterns that improve business decisions in any field of professional activity. This program is aimed to absolute beginners that are considering a career in Data Analytics or to use it as part of their existing skillset.


Our Methodology


The structured curriculum gradually rises in complexity until you are comfortably performing on a daily basis. Students will learn to think like professionals while fully immersed in a real life team environment.


The Ubiqum experience is unique for the learning methodology “Story Centered Curriculum, which was developed by world class instructional designers led by Roger C. Schank, founder of the Institute for the Learning Sciences, and well renowned cognitive scientist and AI researcher.


During the programs, you will work as a professional from the very beginning. Students can choose either an onsite program or a distance (online) learning option. Both come with professional mentor support and professional career services.


Payment Options


Ubiqum also offers multiple financing options, including a 50% payment at start of course, and 50% when you are accepted into a job.


Students can expect a lot of career support from us. So far, they have started careers at companies like GFT, Immfly, Netquest, Social You and more.

A day in Ubiqum
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Stand up

Start the morning with a recap of what you did the previous day, what you got stuck with and how you eventually resolved issues. This is a chance to encourage and motivate each other for the day ahead!

Work and Learning

Students will get a clearly structured brief, plan of attack and list of resources to assist them as they begin their tasks. You will have staff and review team mentors to check your code and answer your questions and doubts.

Lunch Time

Our students often bring food in, and use the onsite facilities to warm stuff up, but there´s a host of restaurants also nearby!

Around this time, it ́s great for the students to start sharing their ideas and work together, just as they would in a real work situation. Mentors are on hand to give assistance.


Check out for what’s up in Barcelona, Berlin or Amsterdam for the most relevant events and talks. This time also may be used for a professional talk from our career councillors.

Java Fullstack Developer 2017

Javier went from unemployed to hired in just 4 months! Anyone can become a Java Developer or a Data Analyst following our programme.

Javier Venegas - Java #107
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