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Data Analyst & Big Data - Berlin

Accelerate your career with Data Analytics. Full time 5 month bootcamp.

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Learning by Doing

You will learn by practicing on real projects Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm

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Professional Career Support

We help you navigate the jobs market

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50-50 Commitment

You pay half up front and half when you find a job!
*Read on for details

Course Intro

Ubiqum Code Academy presents the Data Science intensive bootcamp in Berlin. This accelerated professional learning program is aimed at absolute beginners who want to enter the Data Science field as a professional. The Ubiqum methodology is unique in that there are no lectures and rather the student takes the central role in an immersive Learning by Doing program. You will finish the intensive onsite course with 4 Real Projects completed as an Analyst, presentable to any future employer.


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Berlin Career Advisor: Shmulik Goldfien

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Call Us: +49 30 5512 7878

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Come Visit Us: Scaling Spaces – Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin


Program Overview


– 8 hours / day, 5 months (800 hours effective experience)

– Max 12 students per class

– Career support and expert mentoring

– Especially suited to the following academic or work backgrounds (Maths, Science, Engineering & Business)

  • – PhDs are a welcome but not mandatory

– This 100% practical Curriculum is designed and maintained by Data Science experts from Northwestern University and has been taught in the University Carnegie Mellon, USA.


Course Start Dates


17 September 2018
15 October 2018
12 November 2018




The full cost of the tuition is 8.900 €


Payment Options


  • An upfront payment of 2.000 € when you sign up for the course
  • A monthly fee of 500 € until the end of the course
  • A final payment of 4.400 € is to be made once the student is hired (see Job Hire conditions*).


50-50 Arrangement


This payment option awards the candidate with a 5% discount off the overall tuition fees. Candidates entitled to this discount must meet the requirements found here. The upfront price will then be 4.275 €.


Upfront Payment (10 % discount)


An upfront payment of the entire tuition fees. This payment option will award the candidate with a 10% discount off the overall tuition fees, taking the price down to 8.100 €.


Special Conditions


We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to change their careers and get into technology. For this reason, we encourage anyone who does not see the above payment options as feasible to contact us to discuss our special conditions payment plans:


  • – Upfront payment of 2.000€
  • – The payment of the remaining standard tuition fees should be made upon job hire, plus 10% of the student’s gross salary in their first year of employment. This amount can be paid in 24 instalments with an interest rate of 6%.


Students can expect a lot of career support from us. So far, they have started careers at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Immfly, Netquest, Netcentric and more.

What you will learn

By the end of this course you’ll be able to use a range of data analysis tools to help any company make better business decisions. You will bring valuable skills to your new workplace, such as interpreting significant patterns, applying data mining to business and engineering tasks, and making predictions based on data sets.

A day in class
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Plan and Recap

We start each day at 9am sharp with a stand-up meeting led by the course Mentor. The mentor acts like a project manager and will spend 30 mins discussing with you the tasks ahead, the common pitfalls and organise with you personal 1:1 sessions.


Through our online platform, students get a clearly-structured brief, plan of attack, and list of resources to assist them as they begin the work. You’ll be totally self-sufficient in your ability to progress through the program. You will have the mentor’s support at all times.

Team Work

Students share their ideas and work together in groups, just as they would in a real work situation. Students are coming from many different technical backgrounds and will provide new insights for you.

Finish at 5pm

At Ubiqum you will have 800hours effective learning. There’s no need to burn out in the first week. Use the evenings to network, go to Meet-Ups and “live” the Data Scientist life.

The course by weeks
Week 1-4FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Students will be “working” for Blackwell Electronics as data analysts using the Rapid Miner machine learning package. The student’s job is to use data mining and machine-learning techniques to investigate patterns in Blackwell’s sales data and provide insight into customer buying trends and preferences.


Week 5-10FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

You will learn the algorithmic and organizational skills required to scale data analysis to large server farms, computing clouds, and the web, including an understanding of the design and implementation differences between single-computer and cloud-scale programs, analytics, and data processing.

Week 11-20FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Students will learn to use the R statistical programming language to perform visualizations, then to generate descriptive statistics and predictive models using time series regression techniques and statistical classifiers. Finally, students will present the results to the start-up’s management and get feedback from Industry Experts outside Ubiqum. 

Ubiqum Student 2016

"I was astounded how much I learnt in such a short time. The ethos of their education platform is ‘to learn by doing’. This is certainly the case. By the end of week 3, I was already proficient in using Machine Learning Techniques and presenting findings as a data analyst. With no prior knowledge! Having your fellow students to bounce off, we all became great friends and discussed all things data. The course is very insightful, and opened a window into a world I never knew existed. All the staff at Ubiqum are super friendly, and you can approach them with anything. They will go out of their way to get things sorted and make sure your time at Ubiqum is enjoyable. "

Caroline Grundy
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