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Our Way

Unlike other code academies, schools, and universities, our programs are built upon advanced learning research that emphasize the proven method of "Learn by doing."

How We Teach

Our Story Centered Curriculum (SCC) was created by learning experts from top American universities. You will learn in a solid, structured, and effective way.

A Bootcamp with a Twist

Typical coding bootcamps require a coding background and pre-work for admission. Many have become highly selective as a result. This is not our case. We will accept those with no previous experience as long as they are willing to learn and progress.

More than a University

We are pioneers in the new generation of academies. We use a scientifically-proven methodology that will give you a solid understanding that you can directly transfer to the work place. Our main goal is making sure you get rewarded with a successful career for your hard work.

We offer a practical curriculum

Each course centers on projects that are similar to what students will experience in a real-life job. You will feel like a professional from the first day you start at Ubiqum.

Learning by doing

You will learn by doing through real-world tasks instead of just learning concepts and not applying your knowledge.

From 0 to 100 in 800 hours

We aren't miracle workers, but we know how to do our job. We know we can turn a complete beginner into an employable professional in just 800 hours.

We share the risk with you

Since we are confident in our program, we are willing to share the risk with you. This is why you only pay 50% before the course starts and the rest after you get a job. We are committed to your employability. Check the Help section for details.

Learn more about our methodology

This methodology was first developed in the ILS (The Institute for the Learning Sciences) by Dr. Roger Schank and his team, based on sound research and knowledge on cognitive sciences and AI.

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