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Data Analyst & Big Data - Barcelona

Analyze real data sets to help businesses make strategic decisions. 800hs, full time in Barcelona

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Learning by Doing

No more boring lectures. You will learn by practicing on real projects from 9-18h.

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Professional Career Support

We help you navigate the jobs market

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Our Guarantee

You pay half up front and half when you find a job!
*Read on for details


In 800 hours (5 months), we take beginners with zero experience and turn them into data analysts. There is no pre-course work, which means everyone starts in the same position. This is a full-time, onsite immersive course.


Course Dates: 5 months on-site

  • 2 Oct 2017 – 9 Mar 2018
  • 6 Nov 2017 – 6 Abr 2018
  • 8 Jan 2017 – 1 Jun 20185 Feb 2017 – 29 Jun 2018


Scholarships: You pay 50% only when you get hired. We also provide incentives for Girls in Coding & Excellent Academic Records. In all cases we do not want financing to be a blocker to your study, ask admissions about your case.

Payment Options: Multiple options according to students needs.*

*See terms & conditions or ask Admissions for details.


Students can expect a lot of career support from us. So far, they have started careers at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Immfly, Netquest, Netcentric and more.

What you will learn

By the end of this course you’ll be able to use a range of data analysis tools to help any company make better business decisions. You will bring valuable skills to your new workplace, such as interpreting significant patterns, applying data mining to business and engineering tasks, and making predictions based on data sets.

A day in class
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Morning Recap

Grab a cup of coffee and start the day with your course mates by going over what you did the previous day, what you got stuck on, and how you found a solution. Encourage and motivate each other for the day ahead!


Through our online platform, students get a clearly-structured brief, plan of attack, and list of resources to assist them as they begin the work.

Lunch Time

Students can bring their own food and use our facilities to warm it up, but there are also great restaurants nearby!

Team Work

Students share their ideas and work together in pairs, just as they would in a real work situation. Mentors are always nearby to help.


Check out for what’s up in Barcelona for the most relevant events and talks. This time also may be used for a professional talk from our career councillors.

The course by weeks
Week 1-4FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Students will be “working” for Blackwell Electronics as data analysts using the open source WEKA machine learning package. The student’s job is to use data mining and machine-learning techniques to investigate patterns in Blackwell’s sales data and provide insight into customer buying trends and preferences.


Week 5-10FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

You will learn the algorithmic and organizational skills required to scale data analysis to large server farms, computing clouds, and the web, including an understanding of the design and implementation differences between single-computer and cloud-scale programs, analytics, and data processing.

Week 11-20FE4FAE4A-15B8-46D5-9AE3-85BE6B6A7D4E

Students will learn to use the R statistical programming language to perform visualizations, then to generate descriptive statistics and predictive models using time series regression techniques and statistical classifiers. Finally, students will present the results to the start-up’s management, explaining strengths and weaknesses of the approaches that were implemented and making suggestions for further improvement.

Graduado en 2017

"Es verdad que la metodología me ha aportado la picardía de ver no solo los datos, también los objetivos de empresas y proyectos, cosas que normalmente no verías. Solo verías una tabla con numeritos. Es éste equipo (Ubiqum) el que permite que acabes contratado, y no solo contratado, sino con un trabajo que cumple tus expectativas."

Marc Vea
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