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Learn to code in 14 weeks

Our intensive training programs are aimed at absolute beginners. The course will gradually rise in complexity until you are are comfortably performing on a daily basis. Our goal is to make you "employable" as a junior developer and immerse you into a real life team environment. You will learn via Agile methodologies, working in a developer team and simulate real client communication to define and plan your developer tasks up until execution.

Ubiqum Experience

Since there´s no such thing as theory or exams in the professional world...
Learning by doing

...our courses simulate real scenarios, without exams. From day 1 you will start doing tasks that a normal developer would be expected to do, using the same tools. You´ll work in teams, under the mentorship of a tutor that is always available. Together with that, our online learning platform is designed specifically to guide and optimise your learning experience.

  • Methodology

    Story Center Curriculum

  • No Exams

    Learn by Doing

  • learn relevant skills

    Specialise in the most up to date technology

  • Work Opportunities

    Enhance your CV

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